MB Finds goes Downtown

MB Finds is going downtown next week! Our favorite Vanguard writer and fashionable friend, Lisa Cole has the scoop. Designer Accessories from MB Finds by Lisa Cole for Vanguard Seattle One of the best-kept not so secret of well-dressed women is designer consignment shopping. These days it is the savvy way to wear the latest […]

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3 Great Looks for Spring

With all of the lovely weather we’ve been having lately, it’s time to give your wardrobe a spring-cleaning and update. What’s your go-to look for the season? I love some of the pieces out there online, and I have some fun ideas for cute spring looks … The Comfy Casual (pictured above) From your toes […]

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4 Handbags Every Girl Needs

Trends will come and trends will go, but every woman always needs a fantastic handbag. It’s the place she keeps everything important, from her lipstick to her credit card. It’s a fashion statement and a carryall. What it boils down to, is a woman’s handbag is her best friend. Now, that being said, her handbag […]

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