Mary-Bridget Pehl sold consignment clothing for seven years, and founded MB Finds in 2011 with the goal of providing women across the country the opportunity to shop like fashionistas. She envisioned a business that would make high-end fashion truly accessible for all.

Located in Seattle, Wash., MB Finds began with a series of closet sales and evolved into a premier retail business that has sold thousands of pieces of clothing to stylish clients with varying tastes. From one-of-a-kind handbags to exquisite jewelry, MB Finds provides upscale designer items of every tier to discerning fashion enthusiasts.

Mary-Bridget has worked directly with her clientele for the past seven years, and has been working in fashion for more than fifteen. An early career in international business allowed her to live in Western Europe and travel to other exciting locations, exposing her to eclectic styles and fashion trends from around the world. Her career then led her to work in high-end retail, propelling her to help a friend start an online boutique, which is now a thriving brick-and-mortar store in San Francisco.

Over the years, MB marveled at the volume of clothes women own, and began to listen when they asked what to do with clothes they no longer wore. At that time, there was little market for high-end consignment and MB spied a niche to be developed. She quickly moved forward with the idea, set up her first closet sale, and immediately sold out.

Today, she continues to provide not only options for women to sell their clothing, but a unique retail experience outside of the shopping norm.

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